Delta Dental and Microsoft Premera Orthodontic Insurance

Let us help you get the highest benefit possible

If you have an orthodontic benefit as part of your dental plan, Congratulations! Most plans will cover the movement of teeth portion of your orthodontia. Usually, the payments occur over the length of treatment. Most companies pay 50% (after a deducible) of an allowed case fee up to the lifetime maximum. Having a benefit can help pay for your treatment and we are happy to bill your plan on your behalf.

There are also sometimes when, during treatment, you can lower the cost of treatment:

  • You get a new job with a new dental plan including an orthodontic benefit! We can bill the new plan even though you already had braces before the plan started!
  • You discover you have a plan you did not now about before. We can only bill back 6 months, due to timeliness of claim filing guidelines.
  • You upgrade your existing plan to one that includes orthodontics.

Although most of time we will receive your entire benefit, some of the following events might stop payments:

  • Changing jobs, since payments often occur over the length of treatment, if you stop working, the payments stop as well.
  • Your plan changes and no longer allows orthodontia as part of your dental benefit.
  • The plan sends out a request for information (questionnaire) to you and you might not realize they require a response, so they pause the payments.

Although we will bill almost any plan for you, we?re in-network with Delta Dental and Premera. Many Microsoft Premera plans cover orthodontics and they pay a flat $2000 fee at the start of treatment.

We encourage you to contact our office directly if you ever have any questions about your orthodontic coverage, we will do anything to help you receive the highest benefit possible.

Thank you for being our valued patients! and If you have any questions you can contact us by email at or call (206) 231-5173.

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