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Advanced Orthodontic Treatment

Suresmile is a state-of-the-art technology that allows our orthodontists to plan every step of your treatment from the very first appointment. We call it pro-active treatment planning. Not only does it make your orthodontic treatment more predictable, but it also decreases your total number of visits.

What is SureSmile and how does it work?

SureSmile is a digital platform which offers our orthodontists a way of planning and executing your orthodontic treatment from the very first visit. It works through a series of simple steps:

Step 1: Digital molds

On your first visit to our office, we will consult with you about your treatment needs and goals and use one of our intra-oral scanners to obtain a 3-dimensional digital model of your teeth.

Step 2: Treatment planning and visualization

Our orthodontists will then work to create a digital treatment plan. Using SureSmile’s software, we can not only show you your final expected result, but we can also do a host of other complex tasks which are often needed for complex and inter-disciplinary treatments. These include:

  • Sharing your orthodontic plan with your general dentist or other dental specialists
  • Planning for hybrid treatment which includes both clear aligners like Invisalign and lingual or traditional braces. Combining treatment appliances is what we call hybrid treatment. This treatment approach is based on the premise that we should be using the right tool for the right job and often results in more efficient, faster treatment. SureSmile makes it easy to implement hybrid orthodontic treatment.
  • Creating physical models of teeth for any missing teeth you may have
  • Planning out each step of the process so you know what to expect during treatment. This is especially valuable if you are planning for an event during treatment, such as a wedding.

Step 3: Treatment progression

As you begin treatment, our team will use a series of wires or aligners to straighten your teeth. SureSmile is the digital platform that allows us to create our own in-house aligners and it also uses state-of-the-art robotic technology to bend your wires to the personalized digital treatment plan. This makes our wires more precise.

The wires also have a special property which makes them active only at mouth temperature. This means that the wires are easier and more comfortable to tie in your teeth and only become active in moving teeth once they are fully connected to your teeth.

Benefits of Suresmile

There are many advantages to using SureSmile for your orthodontic treatment:

  • More comfortable experience: Because SureSmile wires are made of a special metal which is only active at mouth temperature, they are easier to insert and tie in to your teeth, making the appointment more pleasant and comfortable.
  • Faster treatment: By planning ahead through digital treatment planning, your treatment can be expedited.
  • Pro-active treatment planning: With SureSmile, our orthodontists are able to plan every step of your treatment sequence from the very first appointment. This allows for more predictable and efficient orthodontic treatment.
  • Treatment simulation and visualization: SureSmile is a great platform for you to visualize your final results before we even get started with treatment.
  • Easy communication with other dental professionals: We can easily send your treatment simulation to your general dentist or any other dental specialist you may be working with. This enhances communication between members of your care team and results in smoother treatment courses.
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